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My Story

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Pam Losasso
Intuitive Consultant

When I was very young I had the habit of adding people's birth dates in my head and I knew the esoteric meaning of numbers. As I grew older I replaced this knowledge with having prophetic dreams of things to come and sometimes I would seek further guidance from psychics for additional insight. Then at the age of thirty I got married and my dreams became less prominent and I no longer sought the counsel of psychics.

For thirteen years I was very content with my life until the prophetic dreams returned.  They brought back memories of my past and I started feeling an emptiness inside that my marriage, work nor money could fill.   Once again I sought the advice of psychics to help me discover what was missing in my life.  Their advice led me to look within to find the

answers I was looking for and part of the process would involve my discovering the link to my higher self -- intuition. 


Intuition is the voice within I have come to trust and listen to on the path I have chosen to follow.   Along the way I had to face certain fears and let go of all the things that were inhibiting me from growing and discovering my true self.  But once I learned to develop and trust my intuition, along with meditating and listening to my heart, the real me began to emerge.  And, by listening to this "inner" voice, I also discovered the person I wanted to become -- an intuitive/spiritual consultant. 


In 1996 I left the corporate world to pursue a career in helping others expand their own inner awareness using Astrology, Numerology and Tarot.  As my business and studies

of  these ancient tools expanded, so to did my intuition which led me to developing "The Wheel of Predictability.©"  

If you would like to learn more about me, I share my story in my book "And the Angels Whispered," by Sarah B. Diamond (my pen name) published by Balboa Press in October 2019.


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