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“I sense you are a person of integrity and that you are safe. You listen to my concerns and that I can trust you and share with you confidential matters…” C.D.

“Your consultations give me a heads up.  They help me to be aware and conscious of what’s going on

around me and what signs to watch for."  They heighten my awareness.” T.S.



“Your readings reduce my level of anxiety because they are an affirmation of what I already know.”  M.J.

"We have had the pleasure of working with Pam at our business and for personal readings.  Pam has

provided us with astrology/numerology readings, tarot and angel card readings.  Pam delivers her

messages with great intuition, accuracy and knowledge.  We were so impressed with her "Wheel

of Predictability" and readings we invited her to teach Astrology/Numerology workshops for our client

base at our business.  At these workshops our customers loved the experience and new knowledge,

which has created many repeat customers.  We look forward to continuing to work with Pam at our

business and on a personal level."  Sandra Podgorak and Sarah Podgorak, The White Sheep - A Place

of Healing

"I have known Pam since August 2016 and have received several readings from her since that time.

I have found her readings to be very accurate and thorough.  She incorporates several modalities in

her readings including: astrology, tarot, numerology as well as angel cards.  Using these references

makes for a very thorough and complete consultation - all in alignment with each other - this makes

for a message that you can't miss given  how many sources she incorporates.  I always leave her

readings with a clear picture and some fantastic takeaways to use in my daily life.  Such a blessing

to receive a reading from her!"  Aimee F.​

"Pam has been doing readings for me over the past four years using Astrology, Numerology, Tarot

and angel cards.  I have been very impressed with her insights and communicating skills for my

highest good.  I wish to support her continued consulting business as an intuitive and recommend

her highly in her ability to help heighten my awareness of things to come and she also validates

what I already know to be true."   Jerome K.


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