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The Wheel of Predictability©

Astrology, Numerology,  and The Wheel of Predictability©


According to Astrology, the moment we are born we enter into an energy field vibration that will

influence our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges in this lifetime.  The Horoscope

is a birth chart of that moment in time and represents one’s link between heaven and earth. 

Symbolically, this chart is shown as a 360 degree circle which has been divided into 12 divisions

known as Houses where life events take place.   “The Wheel of Predictability,”© as shown below,

is my modern version of a horoscope in which I utilize Astrology, Numerology and Tarot to explore

life experiences.  The numbers outside “The Wheel” refer to the astrological houses while the first

78 numbers within “The Wheel” esoterically represent people and life experiences as revealed by

the Tarot. 


The Wheel’s numbering system begins within the First House of Astrology, the House of Personality,

and could continue endlessly counterclockwise around the circle if needed.  Due to limited spacing,

however, “The Wheel of Predictability” only goes to #84.

 It is the numbers within “The Wheel” that hold its secrets, and it is the numbers in your birth date

and The Wheel of Predictability Formula that unlocks them. 


                                                                      ©1999-2023 by Pam Losasso 

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