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Where and when the Tarot originated no one knows for sure.  Yet, this ancient tool continues to exist because of a belief system that it can provide insight into one's life.

The first 78 numbers within “The Wheel of Predictability” esoterically represent people and life experiences as revealed by the Tarot which is an ancient tool used to explore life experiences.   The first 22 cards in a tarot deck represent major life developments while the remaining 56 cards have been divided into four categories and represent everyday life experiences.  Astrology refers to these four categories as Elements (Fire, Water, Air and Earth) while the Tarot refers to them as Suits: Wands for Fire, Hearts for Water, Swords for Air and Pentacles for Earth.    

The Tarot is an intuitive tool.

 Listed below are just a few interpretations 

of the first 12 numbers within "The Wheel"

and their inner meanings as revealed by the Tarot.

   1 = The Magician

 (One who makes magic, Believe in yourself, Set Goals)

   2 = The High Priestess

(Intuition, Memories, PR, Trade, Finances)

  3 = The Empress

(The important women in your life, Self-Expression, Creativity)

 4 = The Emperor

(Male authority figures, Land dealings, Law and order) 


  5 = The Hierophant

(Family, Children, Traditions, Religious beliefs, Change)


 6 = Lovers

(Choices of the heart, Obligations and Duties)

  7 = The Chariot

(Mode of travel, Reflection, Crossroads in life)

  8 = Strength

(The test of one’s will and determination, karma)

 9 = The Hermit

(Endings, Problem-solving, Need to be alone)

  10 = The Wheel of Fortune

            (A new cycle is about to begin, Luck (good or bad)  


 11 = Justice

(Government, Legal matters, Financial settlements)

 12 = The Hanged Man

(Surrender to a Higher Power, Reversal in affairs, Change of view)


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