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I believe some things in life are predestined and that we have the capabilities of discovering what they are utilizing  Astrology, Numerology and other intuitive tools.


In addition to studying Astrology, Numerology and Tarot, I have been journaling my life experiences.  Below are just a few examples of what I believe were predestined events in my life as revealed through these ancient arts.


Numerology and Date of Birth

According to Numerology, numbers esoterically represent characteristics, abilities, events and the spiritual progression of life cycles.  It is the numbers in your date of birth that provides the formula to gain insight as to your cosmic gifts and the path of your destiny.  By adding the numbers of your birth month, day and year together, your “Destiny Number” is revealed.


Example:  My Birthday is June 10, 1952

               Birth Month (6) + Day (10) + Year (17) for 1+9+5+2 = Destiny #33

Being aware that 33 is my Destiny Number I now pay special attention to calendar dates that reveal this numeric vibration.  Here are just two major events that happened on calendar dates that revealed a 33 vibration:


In 1983 at the age of 30 I was married on March 30th (3+30 = 33) and in 2004 my father passed away on a 33 vibration day:  May 28th (5 + 28 = 33).


 Predicting Key Months and “Star Days”

utilizing “The Wheel of Predictability”©


My Birth Month = June:

I believe a person's birth month is a key time frame every year

in which it is a good time to heighten one's awareness as to the events taking place in their life, the people crossing their path and how they feel.


As an intuitive consultant I am always translating numbers in

my head into life experiences as revealed by the Tarot.  The following is a story I like to share with my clients and students when I turned 55:

Years ago, I think around 2003, my sister Marsha and I were

in Two Harbors, MN at an antique store and intuitively I heighten my awareness as to my surroundings to make sure I notice things I am suppose to.  Looking in a glass case I saw a small pewter crystal and knew instantly that I had to have it.  Unfortunately, I did not have enough cash on me at the time

so I walked away thinking I would go ask Marsha to loan me the money for it.  She on the other hand spotted it too and ended up buying it for herself.  The thing was she had no idea what the piece meant to me because it reminded me of the Rider Tarot card associated with the #55 as shown in the book, “Numerology and the Divine Triangle.”  I had forgotten all about this piece until June 10, 2007, the day I turned 55, when Marsha hands me a present – it was the pewter crystal she had purchased years ago. 



My "Star Day" = 10

I believe your day of birth (1-31), which I refer to as your "Star Day," is key every month in determining where you are within “The Wheel of Predictability©” and aids in pinpointing when you may be faced with potential opportunities and/or challenges.  


Example:  August 10, 2007

By adding my day of birth (10) to the month in question (8) for August to the

year 9 for (2+0+0+7) reveals where I was within “The Wheel of Predictability:” 10+8+9 = 27 which lies in the 3rd House of Astrology – The House of Communications (see the The Wheel of Predictability on "The Wheel" page).  Knowing this was a “Star Day” for me I was curious to see what this day would bring – it was not good. My sister called to let me know our brother had just died (one of the Tarot interpretations of the 27 is things that happen out of the blue).


By keeping a journal of your life experiences you may discover something significant about the path of your destiny.  Also, i hope you will check out my

daily postings on my YouTube and TikTok channels:  intuitivepam.


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